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December 26, 2013

Letter to the editor: 12/26/2013

Pure hypocrisy


We humans have a lot of nerve. To be more specific, we American human beings have a lot of nerve. We go through life leaving environmental footprints when we should be leaving no footprints at all. Period.

Of course, it is OK if other countries pollute and abuse the Earth and then export their products to America, as if we lived on two separate planets. It is OK to run for political office promoting the use of “clean burning” coal, as Obama did to get votes, from the same people he is now putting out of business.

Wind machines are a great fad, even though they pollute the visual environment and kill thousands of birds, including bald eagles, every year. Animal rights groups look the other way because they are allied with the liberal doctrine. We all have our price, don’t we?

We Americans depend on foreign polluters for our fuels and other products that sustain us. China is the worst and the liberals (Clinton 1994) give them “most favored trade” status. We have no problem importing their patent-infringing, copyright-infringing and environmentally polluted goods. Just as long as we Americans don’t pollute.

Pure hypocrisy.

Jim Miller




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