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December 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/23/2013

A difference of opinion

The seniors of Leelanau County need to consider which of their County Commissioners are creating the problems about funding the Leelanau County senior services programs.

First, there was the contention that a $500,000 surplus existed. A rush to lower the millage has stopped a number of programs. Now there is an effort to raise the millage back to what it was originally.

Seems there is a difference of opinion on the amount needed to fund senior services.

Please contact your commissioner for answers before the next election.

Dale L. Alberts



Gross rationalizations

Government funding for personal benefit is insidious. People complain of government funding but nearly always are more than happy receiving it, and in fact, are often demanding of it for themselves.

The government insures against crop failure. Should the government be an insurance company?

The government offers low- no-interest loans for weather situations that reduce and destroy crops. Should the government function as a bank that loans money directly or that guarantees repayment?

The government pays Michigan State University to research and teach improved farming techniques.

Should the government pay the cost of improving any sector of private business?

Obamacare, anyone? How about unemployment benefits or welfare or Head Start for people?

Does lifestyle or profession or where a person lives determine who receives government assistance?

Disagreeing to government assistance for others but accepting it for oneself, I think, leads to gross moral rationalizations and mean-spiritedness.

Edward Rom

Traverse City

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