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December 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/19/2013

Valuable programs

As a participant of a water aerobics class at the Easling Pool located at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center, I am deeply concerned about the possible closing of our pool. There are more than 60 participants in the morning water aerobics classes, which are held five days a week. Many members of our class are senior citizens whose medical conditions only allow low-impact water aerobics. The central location of the facility and affordability of the classes allows us to maintain active and productive lives.

I hope as future budgetary discussions take place, the community as a whole will encourage the funding of the pool and the continuation of these valuable programs.

Marie Bode

Traverse City

The world will learn

The Dec. 14 article by PundiFact on Bill O’Reilly and Nelson Mandela was a “refreshing” change from the usual liberal political pointed view. It should be noted that not only Mandela was affiliated with the Communist Party, but also another “popular” activist, Martin Luther King Jr., “did” receive monetary support from the Communist Party.

Communism, good or bad, is 180 degrees opposite from capitalism. History will judge these men, and President Barack Obama as to their “political correctness.” As to honesty and transparency, America and the world will also learn the much coveted and concealed “truth” about Obama’s legitimacy to be our president.

Ronald Hatt

Traverse City

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