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October 31, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 10/31/2012


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Must hold accountable

State Rep. Ray Franz and U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek have proved their lack of commitment. The League of Conservation Voters has recognized this by naming each to The Dirty Dozen. Benishek was also named to the Flat Earth Five of climate deniers.

It is hard to understand the ignorance exhibited by these two men and their lack of regard for the land, water and air of our state. Each needs to be held accountable for their ignorant views and environmental voting records. Neither deserves to be re-elected.

Laurel E. Mason


Commitment to citizens

I would like to add my support for the re-election of Tom Bensley for the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office. I worked with Sheriff Bensley in the early 90s when he was the supervisor for the marine patrol division and I worked for him when he was elected as sheriff. From personal experience, I have observed the commitment he has for the citizens of Grand Traverse County and for his officers. Although retired now and living out of state, I know Sheriff Bensley will continue to strive to serve and protect the citizens of Grand Traverse County.

Todd Heller

Odenton, Md.

The writer is a retired Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office Detective.

Prepare for tax surprise

Now for your April, 2013 surprise. You are going to be paying much more in Michigan income taxes next year. Michigan Public Act 38 started for tax year 2012.

Indeed, for tax years 2012-13, our personal income tax payments will go up almost $2 billion.

Here are two examples: A married couple with two kids and a household income of $55,000 will pay an additional $739 next April. A retired couple born after 1952, with a pension of $48,000 and a total household income of $53,000, will pay an extra $3,130 under the Republican state income tax increase.

Leonard Page


Won't create jobs

Proponents of Proposal 3 claim it will create jobs. This may sound great to some voters but unfortunately it isn't true. The economic model they used to calculate jobs growth has a huge flaw in that it only counts jobs associated with the spending of $12 billion; it doesn't even consider the negative impacts caused by having to pay the $12 billion.

Please do not let bogus jobs estimates fool you into thinking that Prop 3 will help our economy, it won't.

Kurt Krueger


A 'socialistic agenda'

What planet is President Barack Hussein Obama on or what planet is he from? We know he is a product of the "Chicago political machine." They groomed him, financed him and had their cronies vote him into the White House.

This is no secret, as soon after he graduated from Columbia and Harvard the word in the Chicago political circles was that he was being groomed and financed for that eventuality. We, therefore, have "Chicago-style"¬Ěpolitical influence and a "socialistic agenda" being advanced by the Chicago political machine and his radical friends such as the Rev. Wright and the Weathermen.

Salvatore Castronovo

Elk Rapids

Knowledge, skills

Observing the campaign for Probate Judge, I am more convinced than ever that the best candidate is Melanie Stanton. She clearly has the most experience, both legally and in life.

As a probate volunteer and court-appointed Guardian/Conservator, I have observed and interacted with many local attorneys and courts. Ms. Stanton's legal knowledge, skills and abilities are outstanding.

Melanie has an understanding of the issues individuals and families face in probate court. I base this on direct observation of her interaction with Courts, agencies, and her clients, particularly children.

Please join me in voting for Melanie Stanton.

Barbara Windburne

Traverse City

Start the process

Please read the city ballot proposal carefully before voting. The proposal only authorizes a disposal of park land if an acceptable plan for Division is approved by the city.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will develop the plan in cooperation with city residents and at no cost to city taxpayers. A "no" vote means more accidents, more noise, no public means of crossing the street and less access to our parkland. Please join me in voting "yes" on city ballot proposal No. 1 and let's start the process of improving Division Street. Yes is the only sensible vote for a safer Division Street.

Michael Estes

Traverse City

The writer is mayor of

Traverse City.