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October 18, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/18/2012

Honesty, intelligence

Regarding the upcoming election for Grand Traverse Probate Judge, I encourage all voters to choose the most qualified, experienced person for this position. Melanie Stanton is the only candidate to meet this criteria. Furthermore, in her past 20 years as an attorney, the majority of her court cases have involved Probate and Family Court. I have known Melanie for over 12 years, and she reflects compassion, honesty and intelligence in her daily life and will continue to do so for the people of Grand Traverse County.

On Nov. 6, do the right thing; vote for Melanie Stanton for Probate Judge.

Melynn R. Jenner

Traverse City

Strength and integrity

As Grand Traverse County Probate Judge candidate Kirsten Keilitz' sister, I know that in her capacity as a Domestic Relations and Family Division Referee, Kirsten has spent countless hours working on decisions that directly impact families' lives.

Our family has been involved in the guardianship and care of loved ones, gaining invaluable experience in the heart-wrenching decisions faced by families who seek help through Probate Court. Kirsten understands first-hand.

My sister is a person of honor, compassion, strength and integrity. No one will work more earnestly for you.

You will not be disappointed by casting your vote for Kirsten.

Kelli Hannum-Spencer

Traverse City

Duty as a citizen

Voters, beware. Last I checked there were 27 amendments to our national Constitution.

Without these amendments, we would not have our Bill of Rights; there would still be the potential for slavery, and women still would not be allowed to vote. Opposing proposals simply because they call for an amendment encourages an ignorant society with no accountability.

Oppose proposals if you oppose what they are standing for. Vote Republican, vote Democrat; that is your right as an American. Be an informed voter. That is your duty as an American citizen. Blanket voting against changing the Constitution is lazy, not patriotic.

Greg Brown

Traverse City

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