Traverse City Record-Eagle

March 28, 2013

Hat's off

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — One of the great things about living in The Future is that it's really easy to keep track of the people you don't see anymore and find out about the cool things they're doing.

So when I read on Facebook that my old high school newspaper published a brilliant, provocative piece of satire, I had a swell of pride - both for the students clever and snarky enough to put it together, and for their adviser, Missi Yeomans, who had the courage to let her students create something she knew would draw criticism.

It's no surprise that well-meaning adults have cried foul, raising concerns of appropriateness and the crossing of lines.

I don't really care to argue whether grinding should be allowed at high school dances. I do care about students' freedom to express their opinions, and that right should always be preserved, whether the student is writing on important issues or just helping their energetic fellows find a suitable angle and velocity. (Everyone needs a little help with trigonometry sometimes.)

My hat’s off to Missi Yeomans and the entire Black and Gold staff.

Brett Higgins

Ann Arbor

The writer is a former Traverse City resident.