Traverse City Record-Eagle

March 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/21/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Neglect is reprehensible

The Record-Eagle is to be commended for speaking for those whose voices have historically remained unheard.

Through the ages, we have inhumanely treated those with mental illness by isolating them in asylums, involuntarily sterilizing individuals and performing lobotomies as treatment options.

We have labeled them “lunatic,” “retarded” and discriminated against them. We have limited medical reimbursements from private and public health insurers for their treatment. We leave them homeless on the streets or untreated in our prisons.

The neglect of Northern Lakes Community Mental Health’s top official to protect those in his care during the fall of 2011 is reprehensible. Spending $27,000 to obtain a report from a private consulting firm, which the state Department of Mental Health found faulty, during a time when consumer services are being pared back due to funding is criminal.

Northern Lakes CMH board members, discontinue this cycle of abuse to our area’s most vulnerable. Mr. Paffhouse is a failed leader. Remove him. It is time to step up and stand up for those with mental illness.

Demarie Jones

Suttons Bay

The writer’s husband has been a client of CMH.


Get finances in control

In the March 2 Record-Eagle there was an article of the “Gridlock” due to the president’s horrible idea of sequestration. Even though we are on track to spend more this year than last, this idea is nothing more than a chance to raise taxes even more.

Yet, just below this article is another that really turns my stomach. The U.S. gives $60 million to the rebels to topple Assad in Syria. Give me a break!

We can’t afford minimal budgets cuts, as the present administration contends, yet we can give $60 million to topple a foreign head of state?

What about giving that same money to our current troops or, better yet, our veterans? How about funding child health care or meals or senior medications?

If my public school education is any good, after studying the Constitution, it is time to stand up to this president and say enough is enough. Let’s spend no more than we take in and get our finances under control.

Fred Stoye

Traverse City


Evil-looking image

The Record-Eagle’s recent evil-looking editorial cartoon of the Pope on the opinion page of the Feb. 28 edition is very disturbing to me, and I am sure to most Catholics. Why would you publish such an evil-looking image?

Regardless of the controversy in the church, it would seem to be more proper to recognize the good that has been done, not the things that some misguided individuals have done.

My reaction is to not renew my subscription to your paper.

John Konkal