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March 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/19/2013

City needs income tax

Traverse City needs a city income tax. People flock into Traverse City daily to work at a host of major employers, including Munson Medical Center, Traverse City schools, Hagerty Insurance, Northwestern Michigan College and the State of Michigan.

A 1 percent city income tax for residents and a 0.5 percent tax for non-city residents, coupled with lowering the city’s property tax rate, would generate enough money for the city to continue to offer first-class public services as well as the programs and activities non-city residents utilize at no cost.

City property owners benefit because of lower property tax rates. The city benefits because of the revenue generated by those who work in but live outside the city.

Residents of surrounding townships and nearby counties reap the benefits of living in the Grand Traverse area without having to pay for a first-class city. It’s time for Traverse City to think of itself first, and let those of us who live outside the city help pick up the tab.

Twenty two cities in Michigan currently tax their residents. Most are able to provide better services with lower property tax rates. Traverse City needs to explore this option.

Donald F. Vreeland

Traverse City

Just rearrange the spots

Can’t win a presidential race on what the Republican Party stands for, so they come up with a plan to redistribute electoral votes by congressional district, which would guarantee them a win.

The switch from a winner-take-all formula could water down the dominance Democrats have had in Michigan in presidential elections in the past and thereby create a big win for the Republican Party.

How clever of them. The leopard doesn’t have to change its spots, it just has to rearrange how they appear.

Marilyn Prezkop


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