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August 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/16/2012

Discontinue pint nights?

The Wilson Antiques fight incident happened in the wee hours of Thursday, no doubt after a rollicking Wednesday night at any one of three bars that serve $1 pints after 9 p.m. I wonder how many other incidents have occurred in those early Thursday hours. Is it really that much of a money maker for the bar owners and workers? As a community service, perhaps the owners should discontinue $1 pint nights.

Dan Beaudoin

Traverse City

Support unions

If you think that destroying unions will help address inequality in this country, think again. Unions put people first and in doing so have ended such things as child labor and unpaid overtime. They have given us the eight-hour workday and the 40-hour workweek. They have improved workplace safety, given us workmen's compensation, unemployment insurance and paid sick leave.

Unions and management bargain together to set standards that others can follow.

They make bargaining at both union and non-union jobs possible. It is an often-overlooked fact that management is an equal partner in the negotiating process, yet unions are the only ones demonized.

As the decline of unions continues, so does the ability of all workers to bargain for a fair wage. We are fast becoming a nation of not service workers, but servant workers. Imagine a life without human dignity where every aspect of work is dominated and controlled by an overseer, and where you can be fired for no reason at all. That's what prevails in the sweatshops of China, Vietnam and other places that make our goods.

Vote to support collective bargaining. It benefits everyone.

Ann Rogers

Traverse City

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