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July 5, 2012

Letters to the editor: 7/5/2012

Should join the army

Let's all hope that the little girl from Copemish, who was shot multiple times with a .45-caliber automatic pistol, somehow survives.

There's nothing wrong with owning rifles and shotguns for target shooting or hunting, but a weapon that's only purpose is for killing people should be taken off the streets. I refer to them as "assault weapons." If a redneck wants to strut around "packing heat," he should join the military.

Four-star General Wesley Clark, who earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, is for gun control; he said people who want to carry assault weapons should join the Army (stated on CNN's 'Crossfire,' aired June 25, 2003,

Leo Gabier

Traverse City

Let him continue

Men who stand out, who deserve our admiration and support, who are the Navy Seals and Army Rangers of our energy infrastructure, who labor hard without fanfare long hours into the night because they like it like that, remind me of Mark Carson. Mark has done this for years, working hard on our board of directors at Great Lakes Energy.

Now we have a chance to re-elect him with our ballot included in the magazine Country Lines.

Mr. Carson's fiscally conservative, war-room mentality has saved us millions of dollars — so I say, "let him continue his fine service."

Send in that ballot from Country Lines voting for the return of Mark Carson to the board of Great Lakes Energy.

I like the cut of his jib.

David Henry Wyant


No 'sweaters' for trees

Walking downtown recently, I noticed many of the trees were covered in knitting. It was soggy and discolored from the recent rain and many of the pieces were ragged, stretched and torn. Frankly, it was embarrassing to think that tourists visiting our town were seeing this. It wouldn't have been so striking had I not just seen a man removing spray-painted graffiti in a nearby alleyway. Aren't these tree "sweaters" just another type of graffiti? And why are they allowed to remain on the trees while other graffiti is considered a crime and immediately removed?

After comparing the two, one can only conclude that the graffiti on the trees was in fact the more damaging. A wall can always be resurfaced or repainted. Trees need to have air circulation around not only their leaves, but also their trunks and branches. Inhibiting air flow around trees encourages growth of molds and fungi by retaining water and creating damp, dark places. The wrappings also provide concealment for destructive insects.

It appears that the city is not concerned over this new type of graffiti and hasn't taken action against it. Trees have bark; they don't need "sweaters."

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