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July 4, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/04/2012


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Condescending letter

In response to Sharon Neumann's June 28 letter, with all due respect, what a condescending statement it turns out to be. She should check her facts. The source she cites, Bureau of Public Debt, redirects to, where the national debt for 1/19/2001, the day before Mr. Bush's inauguration, was $5.728 trillion. The debt on 1/20/2009, Mr. Obama's inauguration, was $10.627 trillion, an increase of $4.899 trillion, or 85 percent. So the letter she was attacking was actually "factually" correct.

She is correct, the national debt is over $15.6 trillion. But not all that increase is due solely to President Obama's leadership or policies. The increase from fiscal years 2008-2009 (Mr. Bush was President for 3.5 months of FY2009) was 18.8 percent, due largely to the bailouts initiated under Mr. Bush. Add $100 billion/year for tax breaks for the top 1 percent. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (which were largely "off the books") are realistically projected to cost well over $1 trillion during President Obama's tenure. Then there is the government we want but many refuse to pay for (schools, roads, police, fire-protection, etc.)

I am not a Democrat or anti-Republican, I simply expect people to speak the truth.

David L. Moore