Traverse City Record-Eagle

July 1, 2012

Election letters to the editor: 07/01/2012


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Know the facts

Most politicians stretch the truth, but Mitt Romney takes this practice to another level. He says things that are factually wrong, but he doesn't mind. He keeps telling the lie. His strategy is to repeat the falsehood hoping the public will believe it.

You need to know the facts in order to make informed decisions in November. Reliable sources are National Public Radio,, and Know the truth so you can make your decisions based on facts, not fiction.

Susan Swanson

Traverse City

Should be at forefront

Recent political ads from U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek stated that he is fighting to repeal Obamacare. I see no evidence of this "fight," only his pusillanimous allegiance to a party that is determined to wait for the Supreme Court decision or for the next election.

Dan Benishek is a physician, after all. Shouldn't he be at the forefront of an alternative plan to address the health care crisis?

An AP poll found three quarters of us want President Obama and Congress to work together and write legislation to address the issue. Shouldn't our pugnacious pretender congressman be leading the way?

Klaus Lehrer


An asset to the board

I've worked with Monica Hoffman on township issues for 12 years. Monica isn't afraid to lead. She understands Old Mission Peninsula is an exceptional place for residents, farms and businesses and listens to constituents. She votes on issues with knowledge and integrity. Monica helped forge win-win solutions for the Purchase of Development Rights program to ensure farmland and scenic beauty are protected. While working with Monica on design and implementation of the township cemetery, Monica was budget-conscious and organized.

Monica outperforms the necessary functions of the clerk, is dedicated to her community and is an asset to the township board.

Mary Swift

Traverse City

Thorough and fair

As a former Grand Traverse Probate Court staff member for 23 years (16 as Probate Register), I have a good understanding of the qualities an excellent Probate Judge must possess.

Of the four candidates running, the one who stands out is Melanie Stanton. She has actual, extensive experience with the Court process. Her intelligence and nursing background are invaluable to mental health and guardianship proceedings. She has always been very thorough, compassionate and fair.

Most importantly, I support Melanie because she cares about and respects people and has the knowledge and ability to maintain high standards for the Court.

Kathi Polk

Traverse City

Proved his dedication

The time is near for the people of Grand Traverse County to decide who will be their State House Representative.

The person to represent us should have the courage to fight for the rights of the people, within the constraints of the Michigan and U.S. Constitutions.

Recently, candidate Jason Gillman successfully proved his energetic dedication when defending East Bay businesses who were faced with a loss of private property rights.

I believe Jason Gillman is the best choice for State Representative of the people.

A principled conservative, vote Aug. 7, for Jason Gillman, 104th State Representative.

Cathy Collins

Traverse City

Has common sense

I believe that there is a light on the horizon and I fully support Dr. Daniel Lathrop for the position of Grand Traverse County Commissioner. Dr. Lathrop possesses a common-sense knowledge, has the willingness to listen to constituents, and truly wants what is best for the community.

Maybe with his election to the county commission, our elected representatives can finally stop the self-serving bickering that has impeded many important issues, and begin to move our county on the path towards productivity and fiscal responsibility.

Terry J. Hawn

Traverse City

Trust his actions

What do you want from your sheriff? Integrity? Moral character? Commitment? Community involvement? An interest in our youth? Enforcement of animal abuse laws? Trust?

Kevin Sandvig has all of these qualities. He has served and protected the public for 21 years in the Coast Guard and 11 years as a Grand Traverse County jail sergeant. He is the person responsible for getting the euthanized horses in Fife Lake buried. The more I get to know Kevin Sandvig, the more I trust him and his actions. Out with the old and in with the new. Vote Kevin Sandvig, "The People's Sheriff."

Christy Penrod

Traverse City

Knows what's required

As the current Grand Traverse County Clerk, I know what it takes to hold this position: integrity, honesty, ethics, leadership and fiscal responsibility, to name a few.

Cheryl Gore Follette has these qualities. My endorsement goes to Cheryl to ensure that the citizens of Grand Traverse County are served with the highest standards. Why would the past two County Clerks of Grand Traverse County, totaling 47 years of experience, endorse Cheryl? Because we know what the office requires and we want the best.

Don't forget, vote Follette for county clerk on Aug. 7.

Linda Coburn


Displays transparency

Andy, Andy sure is handy. Andy Marek, with whom I work in the home improvement industry, displays uncommon transparency, a large amount of common sense and a strong desire to help citizens. His flagship goals are one, strengthen the emergency medical services and fire department with improved leadership and conflict resolution and two, increase the breadth and quality of programs for youths and seniors in the community.

I encourage and solicit your vote to elect Andy Marek as Green Lake Township Supervisor in the upcoming primary election Aug. 7.

Patrick F. Fraley

Traverse City