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July 1, 2012

Election letters to the editor: 07/01/2012

Know the facts

Most politicians stretch the truth, but Mitt Romney takes this practice to another level. He says things that are factually wrong, but he doesn't mind. He keeps telling the lie. His strategy is to repeat the falsehood hoping the public will believe it.

You need to know the facts in order to make informed decisions in November. Reliable sources are National Public Radio,, and Know the truth so you can make your decisions based on facts, not fiction.

Susan Swanson

Traverse City

Should be at forefront

Recent political ads from U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek stated that he is fighting to repeal Obamacare. I see no evidence of this "fight," only his pusillanimous allegiance to a party that is determined to wait for the Supreme Court decision or for the next election.

Dan Benishek is a physician, after all. Shouldn't he be at the forefront of an alternative plan to address the health care crisis?

An AP poll found three quarters of us want President Obama and Congress to work together and write legislation to address the issue. Shouldn't our pugnacious pretender congressman be leading the way?

Klaus Lehrer


An asset to the board

I've worked with Monica Hoffman on township issues for 12 years. Monica isn't afraid to lead. She understands Old Mission Peninsula is an exceptional place for residents, farms and businesses and listens to constituents. She votes on issues with knowledge and integrity. Monica helped forge win-win solutions for the Purchase of Development Rights program to ensure farmland and scenic beauty are protected. While working with Monica on design and implementation of the township cemetery, Monica was budget-conscious and organized.

Monica outperforms the necessary functions of the clerk, is dedicated to her community and is an asset to the township board.

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