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December 10, 2013

Mom drives with drugs, child

TRAVERSE CITY — A Traverse City woman faces charges after authorities said she illegally drove a vehicle while under the influence of prescription medication with her son, 3, in the car.

Sandy Sandra Husacek, 28, admitted to driving after taking Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety drug with sedative and amnesic side effects.

Husacek was so intoxicated by the drug, which was not prescribed to her, that she drove in the wrong direction along Eighth Street and Union and hit a stationary vehicle, according to police reports. Police reported they found a bottle of the medication in her car.

Traverse City Police arrived to find Husacek and her son uninjured, but Husacek had trouble answering questions and often went into a daze, according to police reports. Husacek was too incapacitated to take field sobriety tests, according to the report, and was transferred to Munson Medical Center.

Husacek was charged with larceny, possession of a non-narcotic controlled substance, operating under the influence with a child occupant, and failure to stop after a collision. She faces four years of incarceration for larceny and two for possession, and her driver’s license has been confiscated.

Husacek’s grandmother takes care of a terminally ill man and told police Husacek likely took the Lorazepam, and possibly morphine, from the man’s house, according to police reports.

Prescription drug theft is not an uncommon problem in Grand Traverse County, Prosecuting Attorney Bob Cooney said.

“We see it just about every day, and a lot of people think it doesn’t affect them, but what we find is a lot of the breaking and entering, theft from stores, car larcenies, it’s related to either illegal controlled substances or abuse of prescription controlled substances,” Cooney said.

Husacek was arraigned on Dec. 3 and has a preliminary hearing on Dec. 17.

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