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September 5, 2013

Suspect's last blog post

The following material appeared on Kelli Stapleton's "The Status Woe" blog post dated Tuesday. Warning: Some language used in the blog is profane.


When a power player takes you down.


If there is anything I’ve learned in my relatively eventful life, it’s that I’m not special or unique. If something has happened to me, I know it’s happened to someone else.

I have to admit that I’m suffering from a severe case of battle fatigue. I’m so happy that Issy has successfully completed treatment. It was a miracle making that happen. But I never once had any peace or rest. There was a constant (and very real threat) that funding would be pulled. It was not as exhausting as getting my ass kicked (literally) every day, but there was no time to lick my wounds while she was in treatment either.

Managing her transition back into “normal” life has been complicated. The behavior plan is reducing her target behaviors. The behavior plan is our miracle. So how do we best ensure the integrity of the behavior plan as we transition home?

Home: We obtained the single opening for the Michigan children’s waiver for the whole state! So Issy has funds for staff at home. Her very own human for nearly all of her waking hours! Can. You. Imagine?! I found a staffing agency that has been following Issy’s story, wants to help her, and is thrilled to take the training. They know the behavior plan, and are working hard to understand it and implement it perfectly. Seriously, there is no room for any mistakes. They get it. And as silly as it sounds, you know someone will be successful when they work not for just a paycheck, but they really invest in the program. That’s what I’m feeling here. They are asking great questions of the behaviorist and learning a lot in the process. Things that may help other clients too! Win/Win!!

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