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April 16, 2013

Suttons Bay man on Boston bombings: 'I'll never forget today'


We're in the Newton Hospital at the moment, and the doctor is talking with my dad. It looks like he broke his hip due to a stress fracture from running. My dad is in very good spirits, despite being in a tremendous amount of pain. All he wants is a beer, and maybe some more morphine. He'll be going into surgery tonight. We're all still a little shell shocked from the whole thing, but we were the lucky ones in this whole thing.

What I'm going to remember most about today is how helpful people were. The guys who helped my dad finish the race, the old lady who got us coffee, the woman who literally gave my dad her jacket, and, of course, the incredible police force and medical personnel who did such an amazing job of securing the area and taking care of everyone affected. I don't know if it's America or just human nature in general, but it's just unspeakably wonderful seeing how everyone came together and offered all the support they could during the crisis.

So soon after a disaster like this, everyone seems to be expressing support and solidarity for the victims. But as soon as the memory fades a little for people who weren't there, there are going to be so many people trying to politicize it and jump to their own inane conclusions. Some have already pinned it on Muslims, and decided to blame the president and the government while they're at it, despite the fact we literally know nothing besides the fact that two bombs went off. Apparently one guy already decided it was actually the FBI. I'm sure there will be others who say that it's actually the fault of the United States itself because of some foreign policy of ours — how long until "imperialism" and "neoliberalism" get thrown about?

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