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March 20, 2014

Bats to be taken under wing in Sleeping Bear tree plan


Roosting bats could become disoriented or killed if their roosting trees are removed, Cavalieri said. Fish and Wildlife officials don’t want any bat-bearing trees to be removed.

“It likely would just displace them and they’d have to go searching for a different habitat,” Cavalieri said. “It could be especially stressful for pregnant bats or bats that recently gave birth.”

His agency reminded lakeshore officials to be aware of the bats in a comment on the proposed hazard tree management plan.

Park officials hope to more aggressively drop diseased trees before they become dangerous to park visitors. Experts predict the number of infected trees will increase over the next few years.

Ash, beech and oak trees are all at risk for deadly tree diseases. The emerald ash borer and beech bark disease exist in the park and reports have arisen of oak wilt nearby.

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