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January 16, 2012

Readers identify boys, wedding party

Janet Blake called on behalf of her brother, Thomas Largent, to identify the young boys pictured in the Dec. 19 Community History Center of Traverse City archive photo, right.

Blake said the boys in the back row, starting second from left, are Eddie Puff; her brother, Alfred Largent; and Gary Thayer. The boy in the plaid shirt, left in second row, is her brother, Thomas Largent. She identified the next two boys as the Yokum twins. Blake said the young man next to the twins was an Exstien boy; the little boy in the front is his brother, Milo Exstien.

The boys in the photo delivered newspapers for the Grand Rapids Herald. They won a trip to Chicago for selling the most papers. Blake said her brother recalls the boys were loaned a newspaper delivery van for their drive to the Windy City. She said her 16-year-old brother, Alfred, drove the van and the other boys sat on newspapers in the back. She thought the photo was taken in 1946.

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Phil Knight identified his parents in the Jan. 9 Community History Center photo, right. He said his parents, Howard and Mabel Knight, center, are pictured on their wedding day.

He said the other people in the photo are Andy and Vivian Fuller.

Dawn Cox also recognized Andrew and Vivian Fuller in the Jan. 9 photo. She said Vivian Fuller was her husband's aunt. Cox said Vivian worked at Burwood Manufacturing in Traverse City, and that Andrew was a professional boxer.

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