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April 30, 2012

Man in bowtie ID'ed as Dr. Fishbeck

Several readers identified Dr. William Fishbeck as the man in the bow tie standing on the far left in the History Center of Traverse City archive photo in the Monday, April 23 Community section.

Eleanor Shaw said her husband, Dr. Fishbeck was a private practice doctor in Traverse City from 1957-1971. He was medical director at Dow Chemical from 1971 until his retirement. Shaw recalled that her husband served on the local Salvation Army Board of Directors.

Lani Bathje noted that Dr. Fishbeck served on the Salvation Army board with her father, Dick Olson. She also thought the man third from left was William Pratt and the woman in the photo his wife.

Mark Doss also recognized Dr. Fishbeck. Doss recalled that Dr. Fishbeck stitched up a tendon in his finger after he cut it on a knife. He noted that was in 1965 and his finger still works well today. "He (Dr. Fishbeck) was a good egg," Doss said.

Susan Lown identified the Salvation Army officer in the photo as Captain Howard. Lown said Captain Howard married she and her husband in 1966.

History Center of Traverse City archive photos that appear in the Community section can be found online at

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