Traverse City Record-Eagle

May 7, 2012

Reader identifies Class of 1905


---- — Tim Carroll identified the Traverse City High School Class of 1905 as the History Center of Traverse City archive photo in the April 30 Community section.

Carroll said the same photo appears on page 7 of The Messenger, "published monthly by the Traverse City High School, Volume 1, Number 5, Senior Number. Single copy 10 cents." He said they have a copy of The Messenger in his family (Wilhelm-Carroll) archives.

The tallest male student in the center of the back row is Carroll's maternal grandfather, Adolphe Wilhelm. "He and his wife Lillian Smolar, had a large farm on U.S. 31 South where they raised their family of four," Carroll said in an email.

The student in the center of the front row, in the white blouse (fourth from left) is Adolphe's sister, Lillian Wilhelm, a year younger but in the same class. Carroll said it's likely that the girl to the left of Lillian Wilhelm would be her first cousin, Mabel Wilhelm (their father's were brothers, Henry and Joseph Wilhelm). Mabel married Roy Fritsche in 1910. They had two daughters.

Carroll also sent the list of the Senior Class of 1905 as they appeared in the yearbook: Elizabeth Holmes, Laura Van Valkenberg, Mabel McMichael, Adolphe Wilhelm, Lizzie Kyle, Essie Vinton, Lillian Wells, Frank Huellmantel, Grace Lucas, Mabel Walter, Zena Theobald, Mabel Despres, Frank Anderson, Earl Ackerman, Moses Champney, Elva Cooper, Olive Lackey, Arthur Garland, Evelyn Hammond, Merton Wilson, Mabel Wilhelm, Ezra Winters, Bernice Robertson, Edith Salter, Dolly Wynkoop, Lillian Finley, Lillian Wilhelm, Alta Cooper, Vern McIntyre and Marion Gibbs.

Stuck in the pages of Carroll's Messenger was a clipping from the Traverse City Record-Eagle, Sat. Oct. 5, 1929, in the column: 25 Years Ago Today. "It was the announcement of the class officers for the Class of 1905. Merton Wilson was elected President. Adolphe Wilhelm was elected Treasurer. So that's where the money came from," he joked.