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June 3, 2013

News From 100 Years Ago: 06/03/2013

OAK PARK MOTHERS CLUB holds its last meeting of the school year. The election of next year’s officers took place. A discussion of the school’s gardens with Mrs. Omans discussing the subject. Various points of view on the success and teaching the children about property care were made. Four first graders sang songs to the group and were well received.

ILLEGAL TROUT SPEARING CASES will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This activity is against the law and there will be a heavy fine imposed by imprisonment and a heavy fine.

STAR THEATER will show the fourth in a series of “What Happened to Mary?” or “The Affair at Raynor’s” today and Saturday. This is a very thrilling part of the story featuring Mary Fuller, the well known Edison star.

HUGHES FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Hughes are owners of undertaking parlors and residence, corner of Sixth and Union.

FENWAY, assorted Chocolate Creams are the most captivating confection we have ever sold, pleasing to the palates of old and young. Try a 10 cent package at Johnson Drug Co. W.T. Roxburgh, Mgr. 125 E. Front Street, Traverse City.

Mrs. Pearl and Lila Curry left for Cadillac today to attend a convention and school for LONG DISTANCE OPERATORS.

RENNER IN CHARGE of looking after matters pertaining to the opening of the Neahtawanta Hotel. Mr. Renner has moved his family to the resort and is now in charge of readying the hotel for guests with a formal opening June 20. He is an old, experienced hand in the hotel business having managed large hostelries of the west and southwest.

TRAVERSE CITY HIGH SCHOOL NEWS: The mock trial held by the Lewis Cass Debating Club last Monday was well attended. The quick wit of the lawyers and the tact of the detective were a great amusement to all present.

TENT CATERPILLAR investigation is lead by Prof. R. H. Pettit , head of the Department of Entomology of the Michigan Agricultural College. He spent a great deal of time investigating orchards in the area. The “burning out” of the nests should be done in the early morning or early evening before the caterpillar becomes too large to help negate next year’s outbreak.

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