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January 27, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 01/27/2014

n THE CHICKENS are coming. The first arrivals for the twelfth annual show of the Northern Michigan Poultry Association are being received today. The exhibition coops are being arranged on both sides and the middle of the Pratt Building on Union Street and are rapidly being filled by feathered families.

n THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY, who silently drifted into the city some months ago, unheralded and unknown, has silently taken her departure. She was of interest to the police for her strange actions, dress and comments by citizens. She was seen roaming the streets at all hours, dressed in black garb. She left a trunk at the Depot, paying for its storage. She paid her rooming house bill daily. Many theories were given to her appearance, but none were ever proven before her departure.

n DR. J. W. GAUNTLETT, treating chronic diseases and fitting glasses. Majestic block.

n SACRIFICE SALE AT THE Globe Department Store. Men’s Overcoats for $8.88; Boys coats for $4.45; and Kirschbaum coats for men at just $14.95.

n FORTY STUDENTS ENROLLED at Oak Park Night School. There is no age limit and no fee. Teachers are donating their time for the seven subjects. The only requirement is to bring pencils, paper, pen and ink.

n STAR THEATER will be presenting “The Climax,” “The Passing of Joe Mary,” and “Mr. Treater’s Treat.” Admission is five cents, Manager H.J. Pohl announces.

n Postmaster L.E. Bahle of Suttons Bay is in Traverse City for a few days.

n PRINCESS ROLLER RINK will hold a Ladies and Gents Candle Barrel Race on February 3. Big time for young and old, with prizes given out. Mr. F.H. Miller, and expert floor manager from Detroit, will be in charge.

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