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August 5, 2013

News from 100 Years Ago: 08/05/2013

• A DAUGHTER was born today to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reule of Washington Street.

• A SON was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dean of 532 West Eleventh Street.

• LEIGH ROBEY, who was arrested yesterday by Chief of Police Carson for speeding his motorcycle on the streets, appeared before Justice Birdsall this morning, pled guilty to the charge and paid a fine and costs of $10.75

• TROY THORPE got into trouble Saturday when he attempted to race with Sheriff Smith’s automobile on Union Street. He used the whip freely and had his horse taking the course on a full run.

The sheriff arrested him and this morning he appeared before Judge Nerlinger and paid a fine and costs of $5.75.

• THE WORK of placing the tarvia on the first three blocks of the new Seventh Street pavement was commenced this morning.

A full gang is being worked and the top dressing will be placed on with a few days.

• There will be an IMPROMPTU DANCING party at the Wequetong Club this evening.

For the past week the members have been in the habit of congregating at the club house on Tuesday nights, and at a directors’ meeting held last evening it was decided to furnish music hereafter on that night for those who wished to dance.

• WILL SHOVEL STONE: Tramp newspaper men added to chain gang. Told fluent stories that melted the hearts of the liberally disposed.

Two more recruits have been added to the chain gang which is shoveling crushed stone on the Seventh Street paving job, as a result of the arrest of two hoboes, made yesterday afternoon by Chief of Police Carson.

The men, Walter Cook and David Kyles, claimed that they were newspaper men, with jobs awaiting them as soon as they could raise money enough to go and claim them.

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