Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 9, 2013

News from 100 Years Ago: 09/09/2013

History Center of Traverse City
Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — n Frank Wilson was arrested last night by County Humane Officer Ben Carson on complaint of Benjamin Thirlby, who charged him with cruelly beating a horse. Wilson appeared before Justice Birdsall his morning and plead not guilty. His trial has been sent for next Tuesday morning, until which time he is held on $200 bail. Summons has been issued against Benjamin Thirlby by the American Hide and Leather Co.

n W. H. Steele, the apple expert went out on the Peninsula this morning in search of apples that are suitable to be shipped under the Sunnyripe brand.

n A. Haynes, photographer, went to Maple City section this morning to obtain landscape views to be used in the forthcoming issue of the new Western Michigan Development Bureau’s booklet. This will be the finest book ever put out by any such organization. The cover is the most elaborate ever attempted and will be in full keeping with all that this bureau has done in the way of advertising this part of the state.

n WERE BURNING BRUSH. Big Peninsula fire located in Swedish Settlement. There was some alarm felt when clouds of smoke were seen rolling up above the trees down on the Peninsula this afternoon, but inquiry brought out the fact that there were a number people who were clearing off their land in the Swedish settlement between Mapleton and Old Mission. The burning of the underbrush and the refuse had caused the heavy smoke. These are valuable lands and are being rapidly put into shape for better farming.

n HUNTERS MUST PAY MORE. New Law gives whole dollar to state. A number of questions have arisen in connection with the new laws for the hunters, as Act No. 108 of the Public Acts of 1913 provide for the license fee of one dollar. The county clerk has collected that amount and turned over to the state .75, retaining the .25 for the affidavit, which is absolutely necessary and the clerical work. The letter that follows states that the full dollar shall be turned over to the state, which means that the affidavit fee shall be in addition to these. Elmer E. White, County Clerk.

Dear Sir: “As you suggest, there are certain expressions in Sections 4 and 5 that seem to imply that the County Clerk shall receive some fee or fees for the issuance of licenses and the taking of affidavits in connection therewith. I have examined the history of this measure and find that as first introduced, section 5 contained a clause specifying that the County Clerk should retain ten per cent of the amount collected by him as his fees for services performed thereunder. The section was , however, amended during its passage and this clause was stricken out, while the language referred to by you in sections 4 and 5 was not changed to confirm with the amendment thus made. It is the opinion of this department therefore that all of the moneys taken in by the County Clerk for licenses must be turned over to the County Treasurer to be by him disposed of as directed by the statute. Respectfully yours, A.B. Dougherty, Deputy Attorney General”.