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September 9, 2013

Historical Photo Update for 08/19/2013 image

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Old photo update

Historical photo information, provided by readers, for the Aug. 19 image:

n From Gary Kent Keyes: The Old Photo shows my father, Robert D. “Bob”Keyes at the right of the photo with I believe Captain Greene. In this time, Bobwas a full time fireman, part time city policeman,and part time sheriff. Inthose days he had to go to a pay phone and put in a dime to call up the department when he was a policeman or sheriff to see what was happening and where hewas going to go next. There were no radios that were available to him. He fought a lot of fires in the city. I remember him coming home with smoke inhalation so bad that he would cough his way to the bathroom, puke, and crawl back to bed with tears in his eyes barely able to breathe. He did save a lot of lives. One man came to the house with one arm who told me that my father had reached into his heart main artery when he was forced into a light pole at the old fairgrounds in a car race and held his main artery for more than an hour with his fingers pinching it off until the doctor was able to get to the hospital and do surgery. I remember when he fought the Wilson Furniture fire in the fifties. He was on a second story ladder when the hose was turned on full strength. It blew him and the ladder backwards across the street. He broke his leg, got the ladder back up, and finished fighting the fire before going to the hospital.

When they said that all city firemen had to live inside the city limits, he began a new career selling insurance for Farm Bureau Insurance which he kept until he passed on July 6, 1992.