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March 4, 2013

News from ... 100 Years Ago: 03/04/2013

-- Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States at 1:37 p.m. this afternoon. In thirty seconds he took his oath, kissed the Bible before a crowd of 75,000 persons who stood with bowed heads, trying in vain to hear the words of the Ceremony.

-- WOMEN INSULTED DURING MARCH: A senatorial investigation of the failure of the Washington Police to adequately protect the women participating in yesterday’s suffrage parade was ordered today, when the Senate passed a resolution, introduced by Senator Jones of Washington, calling for an explanation for the city authorities. Suffrage supporters today were bitter in condemning the lack of police protection. Drunken men attempted to climb on floats, grabbed women marchers as they passed, shouting vile insults in their ears.

-- FOR SALE: On account of my other business taking my time and attention, I wish to dispose of my picture framing and picture business. Will sell very reasonable. Alvin H. Gruber, Undertaker.

-- LONG LAKE : Rev. Joe Zimmerman lost a horse last week. J. M. Elliott is still improving slowly, though still confined to bed.

-- Some of the farmers of this locality are planning extensive improvements this spring. John Gallagher will erect a large barn, and E.E. Duryea will enlarge and remodel his residence. Mr. Ankerson will enlarge and rebuild his barn. Who will be next?

-- TO BE SEALED FOR A CENTURY: Vault containing interesting records will remain unopened until the Year 2013. The affording of an opportunity to the members of the Modern Historic Records Association to deposit personal and family records in such a manner that these records will be opened in the year 2013 is a very interesting proceeding.

This useful society is sending out to its members two large envelopes made of durable Japanese vellum, in which they are requested to enclose genealogical records, family memoranda, messages, photographs, and whatever else they see fit. These envelopes are to be sealed with wax and deposited in two lead-lined chests. One of these chests, securely locked, will be stored with the Association’s collections in the New York Public Library.

A copper plate inscription, addressed to the citizens of New York, will direct that the chest be opened in the year 2013. The second chest will be put in a vault near the Cheops pyramid in Egypt.



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