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December 9, 2013

News From 100 Years Ago: 12/09/2013

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Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — n FOUND HEAVY ROADS — Honor man bucked drifts with auto — When he reached here his machine showed the effects of hard usage. — L.H. Stacey of Honor came through an endurance run of the most grueling sort, with a perfect score, when he drove his Oakland touring car from Honor to this city Sunday afternoon during the terrific wind and snow storm. When he arrived here the wheels were solid masses of frozen slush and mud. The fenders carried such an accumulation of ice that, there was scarcely room for the wheels to turn. Radiator, lamps and running boards all bore evidences of incessant bucking into deep drifts. Mr. Stacey stated that at times he was forced to adopt the same tactics for plowing through the snow as are used by locomotives, that of gaining as great headway as possible between drifts and ramming them until a passage had been cleared.

n Anconas made record in egg production — Archie Webb of Union Street has a flock of Mottled Anconas of which he is proud. Last summer he had fourteen that averaged 151 eggs each for the year and not one of them wanted to set. The average weight of the eggs were twenty-six ounces for each dozen. He has increased the flock to fifty now and will double it later on.

n Mrs. D. A. Wilson is suffering from an attack of the quinsy.

n Oscar Nelson had a valuable horse die at D.A. Wilson’s December 9. It was taken sick on his way home from town Sunday.

n Notice: Owing to the raise in the price of horseshoing stock, and also the high cost of living, the horseshoers of Traverse City have deemed it necessary to raise the price of horseshoing five cents per shoe, to take effect December 15th, 1913. Signed — Angus McCooll, Tony Nemea, Ben Hadley, W.H. Abbott, A.J. Petertyl, J.A. Clement, T.C. Shugart, P.E. Mitchel, H.J. Slaby.