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April 7, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 04/07/2014

n AN ARC LIGHT was installed at the corner of Thirteenth Street and Union upon the recommendation of the lighting department. The City Commission also took up the requests for a water main on Barlow Street. Applications for saloon licenses were referred to the department of public welfare to report on later.

n AN OLD DEED transfer custom was one of digging a small handful of soil and breaking two twigs from a tree on the estate from which a mortgage was discharged.

n HAMILTON CLOTHING COMPANY is selling the best line of men’s clothing for Easter. These include Balmacan’s tweeds, Homespuns and Bannockburns. Priced at just $15, $18 and $20.

n THE COLLECTION OF TREE INSECTS that are on exhibit at the State Bank are drawing considerable attention. This morning two more were added---the snowy tree cricket and the apple aphis. These are in small glass cases and are hermitically sealed.

n SVEN STROM has opened a violin factory at 411 East Eighth Street. This is also a repair shop. Mr. Strom had a similar business in Ludington before moving his business here.

n REPAIRING CANE CHAIRS is achieved by washing both sides with warm sudsy water.

Make the underside quite wet and dry in the sun. This should eliminate the sagging that may have occurred.

n SATURDAY AFTERNOON tea and candy sale will be held at Milliken’s Tea Room by the Covenant Circle of the First Congregational Church.

n FRANCIS YORK, a traveling peddler, was picked up this morning by Chief of Police Carson after it had been found he was working without a license.

He was taken to Police Headquarters where his goods of cheap jewelry, eyeglasses, etc. were appraised. He was given one hour in which to leave this city.

n FOR SALE: a five room house, close in for only $750. Contact F.T. McNamara, 202 Wilhelm Block.

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