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March 24, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 03/24/2014

n GIRLS OFTEN WONDER WHY men hesitate in asking them to marry. How do men figure out when they are in love? How do they look at girls? What makes men “think twice”? Men talk straight out in this issue of the Ladies Home Journal now for sale by Cameron Moffatt distributor. The cost is 15 cents per issue or $1.50 for a full year’s subscription.

n PROFESSOR R.J. BALDWIN, of the Michigan Agricultural College, states that the cost of living can be greatly reduced by city dwellers if they would cultivate a small garden. Fresh garden produce is a great cost in food purchases and that could be alleviated by growing produce in a small garden with a few valuable instructions and ideas. A trellis or a fence can be used for climbing vegetables too.

n MEN PROVED THEIR ability as cooks at the Congregational Church last evening. The men did all the cooking under the expert hands of Chefs Robert Price and C. Wright. One of the finest chicken dinners ever was served to sixty guests of the Athletic Club and their families.

n THE CITY OFFICES are now under one roof. Police, Engineer and Commission Departments are now located on the second floor and are easily accessible to the public. The building was once occupied by the Queen City Electric Company. The ground floor is houses the collecting departments.

n CAMERA SALE at Hopkin’s will end this Saturday. If you want a good camera at a good price, do not delay in purchasing one now.

n LYNNE HOXSIE of the State Hospital, made the bad mistake of taking to the walk on Eleventh Street with his motorcycle. He was arrested and appeared before the Judge for breaking the law. He was fined $5.75.

n BENJAMIN O. BELANGER, a life long resident of Cedar, died this morning of typhoid pneumonia. He was 51 years old and had been ailing for several years.

n SPRING FASHIONS WILL BE on display at the J.W. Milliken store in an answer to the call of spring.

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