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March 17, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 03/17/2014

n A HAT BOBBING UP and down on the Boardman River this morning gave rise to all sorts of suspicions of suicide and murder, but was later discovered to have been the victim of a playful wind. The hat had been removed by a gust of wind from a pedestrian walking near the Cass Street Bridge. The fedora was left to its fate as the owner could not retrieve it.

n MR. AND MRS. EMIL LAUTNER moved from their old home to a brand new one this week. The new home is equipped with every modern convenience and comfort of a new home in the city.

n THE GRAND TRAVERSE AUTO COMPANY AGENTS for the Ford and Reo cars have reported the sale of two of the auto trucks received this week. C.A. Steele and H. J. Boyd, both draymen, are the purchasers and each received a three quarter ton model. A Reo Touring Car had been sold to Joseph Armstbuchler.

n DAINTY NEW SPRING blouses in pretty models for the coming season are now available at $1.25 at Steinberg Brothers. They were unpacked yesterday and are all crisp and new.

n FOR SALE: 160 acre farm eight miles from Traverse City. There is a good gravel road, 80 acres cleared, balance wood, eleven room house with stone cellar, water piped into the house from windmill pumped well. A potato cellar, chicken house, barn and framed hog pen are also included Price $6,000. Would take house and lot in Traverse City for part payment.

n ELK RAPIDS people are waging a fight against the apple tree tent caterpillar. Many millions of the tent caterpillar have gone to eternity. The Citizens Association of the city will give a prize to the school pupil bringing in a basket with the largest egg masses before the warm winds of May scatter them to cause their massive damage.

n THE TRAVERSE CITY FIRE Department was kept busy today attending to three fires.

The first was at 537 W. Seventh Street; the second at 331 Washington Street and the third at 501 West Tenth Street.

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