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March 10, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 03/10/2014

n THE COMPANIONS OF FORESTERS will give a dance at their Hall this Wednesday evening. All Companions and their friends are invited.

n MRS. WOODROW WILSON announces the engagement of her daughter Eleanor to the Secretary of Treasury McAdoo.

n HELP PENMANSHIP. The Michigan State Board of Education will make immediate attempts to improve the penmanship of students in Michigan Schools and Colleges. No student will be exempt by this endeavor. “The poor penmanship of the graduates of our public schools has long been a disgrace to the public school system,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Keeler.

n SEVERAL PEOPLE were enjoying boating on the Bay this morning. There were still several instances of snow present, but this did not seem to impede the progress of the boats or the enjoyment of the boaters.

n A SPECIAL TRAIN WAS DISCUSSED to run from Traverse City to Cadillac, Reed City and other towns along the way to Grand Rapids and on to Milwaukee for the Wolgast-Ritchie fight next Thursday. The cost, without berth, would be four dollars from Ludington and twice as much from Grand Rapids to Chicago, The train will leave at 5 o’clock from Ludington and arrive in Milwaukee at 7 a.m.

n REVIVAL MEETINGS at the Fifth Ward Hall, corner of Washington and Roe Streets, will be held every evening this week. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

n ICE FIELDS ARE not extensive, and there is hope that the navigation season will open early this year.

n ALL THE LOOT secured by police at the Marshall home on East Eighth Street, has been identified and claimed with the exception of a large inside curtain presumably taken from one of the cottages on East Bay.

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