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January 13, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 01/13/2014

n EDUCATORS DINED. The first annual supper of the Grand Traverse County Normal was held Saturday evening in the parlors of the Baptist Church. The supper was attended by the alumni and current Normal classes. C.L. Greilick took the time to emphasize the importance of teachers being in rapport with their students.

n MUST CONNECT WITH SEWERS. An ordinance requiring all residents who are in regular sewer districts must connect with their residence by July 15. The abandonment of all “outside closets” must be made at the time of the connection.

n CEMETERY PERPETUAL CARE PRICES were established by the Commission. Prices will be determined by the size of the lots.

n ATTENDANTS AT STATE HOSPITAL gave a fancy dress party Monday evening. There were forty couples in attendance dressed in beautiful and funny costumes. Halberg’s orchestra played music for the event.

n ILLEGAL LIQUOR SALE resulted in Douglass Frisby’s arrest and jailing. He disposed of the liquor in the Ashley Indian Camps to the extent that the whole crowd became intoxicated and disorderly. He is now held on bail.

n ATTENTION FARMERS! Hannah’s Lice Powder, Happy Fancy Condition Powders, and Brand Butter Color are now available in the Drug Department at the Hannah & Lay Mercantile Company.

n DIVORCE BADGES should be worn in public, according to a letter to the Editor. This ought to be displayed as crepe is for mourning a loss of a relative to death.

n LOUIS SLEDER RESIDENCE, a mile west of Greilickville, was burned to the ground last evening. The family was visiting in the neighborhood. The new four room house was built last summer and the fire is thought to have started in the chimney. Nothing was saved.

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