Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 26, 2012

News From ... 100 Years Ago: 11/26/2012

By Emma Jane Muir, Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — -- One by one the pioneers, who through the years of constant endeavor have made Grand Traverse county the desirable region that it is, are passing away. Early this morning, death called John Pulcipher of Acme to his final home, following a four weeks illness. Mr. Pulcipher was one of the best known and loved citizens of the county and actively identified with the development of the area.

-- B. C. Bridgeman has moved his household goods into one of Mr. Dickinson's houses at Fife Lake for the winter. He left town from that place on Friday, driving through to Grand Rapids where he and Mrs. Bridgeman will visit his brother and family.

-- The Young People's Harvest class at Cedar Run met at Lloyd Dodd's Saturday evening. After the business meeting, Mr. and Mrs. Dodd gave a taffy pull and the remainder of the evening was spent in playing games and singing.

-- Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Hull and W. D. C. Germaine and wife left last night for Chicago. They will spend about a week in that city visiting friends and conducting business.

-- The township of Paradise voted Tuesday last to bond the township for $30,000 for the purpose of building good roads. The state gives a reward of $500 per mile for every mile of gravel road built with the reward money received from the expenditure of the above amount. The township will be able to pay off from $5,000 to $7,000 of these bonds, saving $25,000 upon the issue of $50,000.

-- M. D. Bryant has returned from a week's trip through the several counties included in his territory as representative for the Ford Motor Co. In a statement to this office, he reported that sales have been especially good in all of the places he made contacts.

-- A very enjoyable time was had Friday evening when Mrs. Mason delightfully entertained the 500 club at a surprise party in honor of Mason's 35th birthday. It was a complete surprise to Mr. Mason, he being kept up town waiting for a fake telephone call while the company gathered in the parlor awaiting his return.

-- The L. O. T. M. M. at Northport will give a very interesting entertainment in the town hall Saturday evening. It will be a program and "Peddlers' Parade" which is something new and bound to make an enjoyable time for all.

-- Ernest Voice, a farmer living near North Paradise, was kicked in the face with a horse last Tuesday. Our correspondent at that place reports that he is now able to be up and around again.

-- The last two large pieces of timber in the Cedar vicinity will be harvested this winter. The tall trees which once made that area famous will be laid low. A. J. White takes charge of the Ruthardt timber while Cook and Kennedy are bosses for the Buckley & Douglas 160. Camps in both places are being rushed.

-- The many friends of Earl Sparling were surprised and very glad to hear of his return to East Paradise last week from the far West. He expects to go back again in the spring.

-- The chicken pox is quite prevalent in several areas of Grand Traverse county at present. Many are quite ill with it. So far, there is no plan to close any of the schools at the present time.

-- Advice on deportment. Do not tattle. Do not carry gossip from one family to another.

-- Medical advice of a century ago. A soft toothbrush is better than a stuff one so as not to wound the gums.

-- Best buy of the week. Atlas Steel Range with Large Reservoir and Warming Oven, $27.75 at The Globe Dept. Store.