Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 16, 2013

Northern Notes: 'Angel' of a man rescues car

by Stephanie Beach
Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Mary Jane Flood's name had a prophetic ring to it on Tuesday, Aug. 27, when torrential rains hit Traverse City.

Mary Jane, age 86, had parked in the first spot by Kids Creek near the parking lot entrance of an office at Front and Division streets for an appointment. The rain was at its peak when she came out at 2:30 p.m. The parking lot was very flooded and she was unable to reach her car without wading through the water. At 3:15 p.m. the water was still rising and Mary Jane called AAA. She was told that they wouldn't be able to tow her vehicle until the water receded and she had visions of her car floating away.

"A big man was coming in for an appointment and said 'Look at that first car, it's half-way up the hubcaps,'" Mary Jane wrote.

She responded that it was her car and he asked if she would like him to get it out for her.

"He sprouted angel wings at that very moment as far as I was concerned," Mary Jane wrote. "Would you really, I asked. 'Sure,' he said, and then waded through all that water in his shoes and socks. He delivered my car to me safe and dry. He wouldn't tell me his name or take any compensation, but I want to sing his praises to the heavens. His parents sure did a bang up job and must know what a fine man of character and integrity he is. He is over 6 feet tall with sandy hair and fair skin. He was wearing shorts, thank goodness, and had an appointment around 3:30 p.m. — with very wet shoes and socks."

Mary Jane added that she is happy to know many terrific people in Traverse City and her "hero" is a stellar example.

Glenn Fast made a lovely hanging floral arrangement and donated it to Benzie Area Christian Neighbors to brighten the organization's main entrance.

"Glenn worked hard on this piece because he wanted to lift the spirits of all the families, neighbors and volunteers," David Abeel, BACN director of development, wrote.

The Traverse City Central High School class of 1959 is planning its 55-year reunion for August 9, 2014, and is trying to locate a number of classmates.

Missing classmates include Howard Anderson, Paul Z. Darling, Jacquelyn (Gatrell) Diday, Joan (David) Erickson, Patricia (Wilson) Gorcyca, Mary Lee (Ferrari) Hendrixson, Darlene (Sims) Homan, Orvin E. Johnson and Rosa Miller. Anyone with information about these classmates is asked to call Patricia Helferich Scharf, 943-1308.