Traverse City Record-Eagle


June 30, 2014

100 years ago for 06/30/14

n THE LATEST EDICT from the Post Office is that all windows in all envelopes must be colorless or the sender will get in trouble with the department. A new cream colored post card with green printing is being circulated. It has the profile of Thomas Jefferson.

n SUN BROTHERS CIRCUS representative James E. Beach was in town closing the final contracts for the circus shows in Petoskey. $75 of chickens were ordered here for a special dinner. Orders for hay and oats and bread and other food were also placed with local famers.

n THE TRAVERSE CITY STATE BANK has on display in its lobby a beautiful tree geranium which was presented to them by the Queen City Floral Company, the local florist with their compliments. The tree stands four feet high and is covered with blossoms and makes a very handsome appearance.

n THE STRING OF LIGHTS that were placed on top of the Wequetong Club while the state bankers were here will remain for the balance of the season. These lights can be seen from a distance and add attractiveness to the club house.

n O.L. Brailey, erstwhile owner of the Traverse City franchise in the Michigan State league, has given up possession of the team, and it is understood that he intends getting out of the baseball game altogether.

n PLUMBING, HEATING, AND TINNING, along with house alterations to accommodate furnaces and bathrooms is offered by M.D. Keith. Citizens phone 841.

n RED CROWN FILTERED GASOLINE from underground storage is just 14 cents a gallon at Goode’s garage Cass and State Streets.

n BUFFALO POLICE ARE HOLDING TWO TRAVERSE CITY FEMALES. A woman claiming the name of Mrs. Walter Ice and a young girl, Bessie Kelly, are being held here. This information was given in a message from the Chief of Police in Buffalo to our Chief of Police Carson. No other information is available at this time.

n TRAVERSE CITY cherries made their appearance in Detroit today. The Pere Marquette’s last freight train brought a carload of Montmorency cherries in. These were picked on Tuesday and are of the highest quality . The cars were refrigerated and this is the last of 200 carloads of cherries shipped out of Traverse City this month.

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