Traverse City Record-Eagle


February 24, 2014

Northern Notes: Gift of a bike represents hope

Single MOMM, a relational ministry that provides community support and resources for the spiritual, emotional and personal development of single-mother families, received a call in early December from the mother of a very giving 5-year-old boy who asked her to call because he didn’t want toys from Santa Claus. He told his mom he wanted to give a bike to a boy his age because he “wanted that boy to race his bike like I race my bike.”

Jennifer Finnegan Pool, the founder of Single MOMM, wrote to say that a few days later the boy and his family dropped off a shiny new bike for a little boy who wouldn’t have had one. That little boy was Kale. He hadn’t had a new present at Christmas in several years because his mom had suffered a year of health-related and financial issues and she and her family were starting to feel hopeless. They have been part of Single MOMM for several years.

“It has been a joy to watch Kale’s mom grow in strength, confidence and stability through our program,” Jennifer wrote. “She leads her family well today. Her path as not been easy ... but her resolve to step forward in courage, to parent her children well and to look ahead with hope is inspiring.”

When Kale’s mom heard about the bike and that Single MOMM was offering it to her son, she wept. Within the hour she showed up at the Single MOMM office to thank them in person.

“You have no idea what this bike has done,” the mother said. “This bike has done everything we needed it to do!”

“The bike had been a message of hope that someone saw them, that she and her kids were valuable,” Jennifer wrote. “We prayed for her in the office and as we prayed, she prayed with us. She praised God for sending her this message through the bike and for the ‘family’ she has gained at Single MOMM.”

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