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Generation Why

June 13, 2011

Tragedy hits when lightning strikes

"Rain, rain, go away, come again, another day" replays in my head to keep rainy days away because rainy days for me arrive full of gloom as well as sorrow.

Rain is wet with a cold touch to our skin within each and every drop that falls upon us. The cold reminds me of evil or even death. Death then reminds me of the loss of a close friend and even the death of a loved one.

So many times we take advantage of friendships we have, and it's not until something tragic happens that it makes us come to the realization that we need to care and treat our friends as if it were the last day we might ever see them. Before we know it, like lightning, in a simple flash they could be gone.

Rain reminds me of thunderstorms. Some people love thunderstorms (listening to the pounding of the raindrops hitting the ground, and watching the lightning strike and thunder crack, counting in between strikes, at how many miles away it may be). I hate thunderstorms. Every cold, wet raindrop reminds me of her; every striking lightning bolt reminds me of her.

You never really know what you have, until in a flash, it's gone.

Kate was definitely not your average girl. She was full of life, presenting an outstanding personality and was an all-around beautiful person.

All of my life, I had moved around; at every new school I started, nobody knew my name ever. I was always the "new girl" regardless.

As I recall, as soon as I started attending school in Indiana, Kate was one of the first to welcome me. We were both in the sixth grade, and I had just moved, not expecting to ever meet anyone as friendly as she was. For once I wasn't just the new girl, I was "bolted" to a group of great girls.

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