Traverse City Record-Eagle

May 7, 2012

Bedrooms give teens a place of their own

By Gretchen Twietmeyer
Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — Some people can't stand clutter, while others like the fact that they can't see the floor of their bedrooms. But no matter where someone falls on the spectrum of organization, our bedroom is an expression of our personal style and an extension of ourselves.

An essential in every man's life is alone time away from the family in his own space. Jonathan Asava, a senior at Traverse City Central, has achieved this by building a "Man Cave" above the garage at his home.

Equipped with a 56-inch TV, surround-sound, a drum set and a couch, the living space is something Asava is proud he made for himself.

"My TV is probably the focal point of my room," Asava said. "I have a bunch of '60s and '70s posters too, because my walls were kind of bare before, so it looks cool."

Asava's room reflects his interests in music and his laid-back style, and he uses his room as a place to relax and hang out with friends.

"I've always had a thing for music, especially classic rock," Asava said. His interest is reflected in his room's d├ęcor, and he said his friends think his room is "pretty BA."

Also in charge of her room's style, freshman Rachel Creamer revamped her space after having outgrown the old style of her room.

"How I had my room before was a little too juvenile," Creamer said. "It was just kind of plain too, and it didn't have a lot of things in it because I moved into my sister's old room."

So she decided to switch up the design. "My bed is on the right and there's a big picture of Audrey Hepburn at the head of it," Creamer said.

Creamer's newly decorated room emulates her more recent style, with lots of bright colors and some unique accessories, including Chinese lanterns, flags hanging from the ceiling, and lots of pillows embellishing her bed.

"It's really inviting, and you just go in there and it looks like fun," Creamer said. "Kind of like I am. My friends think it's very 'me.'"

On the tidy side of the bedroom spectrum, sophomore Jami Chung keeps her Parisian-inspired bedroom immaculate.

"The main colors of my room are pink, white, black and gold," Chung said. "And I have some things that resemble the Eiffel Tower."

With her bed in the center of the room partially built into the wall, it is the focal point of her room. The eye-catching wall color, however, also draws attention.

"I last re-did my room in fifth grade, so it's extremely pink," Chung said. "I'm over my pink phase now, but I still like the color. It's really bright and open."

Some of Chung's favorite aspects of her room are the small couch where she and her friends like to hang out and talk, and the two tall bookshelves on either side of her bed.

"I love to read, so it's cool to have two really tall pillars of books right there," Chung said.

Offering a piece of design advice from her past experience, Chung suggests to anyone who wants to redo their bedroom to organize before they start.

"If you just go into it, it will be chaotic and messy, and you probably won't finish," Chung said.

Creamer offered her own expertise, saying that the first thing people hoping to revamp their spaces should do is pick a color scheme.

On the other hand, Asava's recommendation is simple, yet profound: "Make it colorful."

Gretchen Twietmeyer is a senior at Traverse City Central High School and a staff reporter for the Black and Gold.