Traverse City Record-Eagle

May 7, 2012

Michigan is big, with lots of trees

Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — I have been in Michigan for seven months. I come from Rennes, in France, and I decided last year to spend one year in the Michigan to discover another culture and an another environment.

Before leaving, I was exactly like you, I was asking a lot of questions about this year, but I finally left for the United States. Since I arrived, I spend only good moments and it would be impossible to detail to you my whole year.

Michigan is a big state with a lot of trees and lots of green spaces, which is very pleasant because we do not feel the stress that we could have in a big city. The stores are not very far by car, which facilitates life.

My favorite place is the mall; there are lots of stores and a cinema.

I like practicing many sports and I am lucky to have soccer fields, basketball and baseball near to me. The house where I lived is near a lake, so I'm able to go kayaking very often.

The thing I don't like is I am very dependent on my parents to be able to move. I would like drive but the association does not leave us the choice, so I ask many times to parents to give me a ride, which can be annoying for them.

Most of my time I spent in the high school. It is a big high school (about 1,800 students) with many activities. We can choose the classes that we wish to have, which is formidable because you can take courses of cooking or pottery, so it's very fun!

I know you still hesitate to leave and you may ask many questions, but I can tell you that this year will remain engraved in my memory and that you will never forget it. it's well worth the trouble !

Lucas Renaudin is a senior at West Senior High and a World Heritage exchange student;