Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 6, 2012

I'll use my words to explore

By Angelina Ledezma
Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — It is a funny thing, being a creative writer. I wanted to show my talent and illustrate exactly my love for the art of words in my essay. Alas, it was too long; clever, but long.

I know I should have jumped right on editing and making my paper shorter, as any good student or writer. But why would I do that?

"Fixing" it would have murdered the intent I had for the paper; it would have been forced, confusing and choppy.

I pride myself in my creative writing, but see how it gets me into trouble. You admission essay readers want a nice, clean, short essay describing some person in a unique way that isn't risky or too weak.

Well, to me, there is only so much uniqueness you can get in a short "safe" essay. So instead of entertaining you with a small snippet of a crazy scientist shouting her gleeful achievement at bringing her experiment to life, much like Mary Shelly's Dr. Frankenstein, I will bore you with a little about me in a much less poetic fashion.

I have dreams that span far beyond the universe — forget the sky or the moon or the stars. I have plans that would shake the foundations of the planet. I want to publish my writing and have an audience spanning the globe. I want to be the publisher and editor, running my own business and giving the spotlight to writers of a new era.

But first I need the know-how. I need an education that is chock full of intricate details of the workings of my professions, so that at last I can begin my research and open my own publishing firm.

I am told that I am too wordy, and that my writing is just not concise or succinct enough. But who needs succinct when there are new worlds to explore in the weaving of stories and words? Why bore people with banal tidbits of my life by describing in detail a triumph, defeat or that one person who inspired me?

I believe in deeper meanings to writing. When I write, there is another message embedded deep in the heart of the tale that normal people would not understand. For those who do, for the ones who look and see that —¦ there, in this line — the structure, the wording, the way the words are used — there is something much more profound and meaningful to this line!" Kudos.

I realize that my ideals could be too much to ask for. You may be thinking, what a snob, a cynic, an oddball. But believe you me, I plan on getting my work done. I will work hard and earn my $160,000 degrees. Wasting my time or my money is not in my agenda. I will do as my father says: Strive to be better than I was yesterday and leave no survivors.

Angelina Ledezma is a senior at Elk Rapids High School. She wrote this as a college admission essay.