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March 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/08/2013

A must read

The new book “Walkable City” by Jeff Speck should be read by: anyone involved in regional land use; anyone trying to make sense of “The Grand Vision”; anyone concerned about economic growth; all environmentalists; and all local township planning folk.

His arguments are pragmatic, his style is engaging, his message is clear. If we shift our focus from regional, separate-use zoning to a more sustainable mixeduse model we can save money, save the environment and find our way back to the neighborhoods we love.

Mark Nixon

Traverse City

Consider remarks

The liberal establishment’s swift condemnation of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for speaking his mind about racial parity was predictable. But perhaps the country’s purpose would be better served if, rather than rushing to judgment; the outspoken justice’s critics had paused to consider his remarks in historical context. They are, after all, the clearest expression of judicial attitude on the thorny subject since it was addressed by Chief Justice Roger E. Tany in 1857.

Thomas BeVier

Traverse City

Inconvenient truth

The Feb. 24 op-ed by Ms. Kirkwood tells only part of the story. What she does not mention is that our current low Great Lakes water levels are the same as they were in 1964. Was that due to climate change? Yes, and climate change was the result of the water levels rebounding to record high levels in 1987.

Is climate change occurring? Yes. These changes have been going on since the beginning of time and will continue in the same way. Other factors such as increased flow down the Mississippi River and the St. Clair River are contributing to the current problem. However, Ms. Kirkwood should keep in mind that these are not unique times and events, we have been there before. The difference is that now the all too handy and simple explanation of “climate change and global warming” is a simple, shortsighted means of ignoring climate history. That is the real inconvenient truth.

John Alford


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