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November 15, 2013

The Record: 11/15/2013

n ALL IN ONE SERVICES, Terri Boven, Eric Martin, 726 Hastings St., Suite A, Traverse City

n AMMWORKS, Darren Albrecht, 8111 Albrecht Road, Karlin

n BAY AREA PARANORMAL, Stephen Craft, 4080 Five Mile Road, Traverse City

n CARE4U, Teresa Wadysz, 1803 St. Joseph St., Traverse City

n CENTRAL PARK, Mary O’Connor, 800 Cottageview Drive, Traverse City

n DAVE BRIGGS RENTALS, Mary Briggs, 4594 Mary Kris Lane, Traverse City

n DRINK MY BREWCAST, Robert Miller, Michael Moran, 2880 Victoria Drive, Traverse City

n DUSTBUSTERS OF THE NORTH (THE), Brenda Rider, 8955 Gay Road, Williamsburg

n GREAT LAKES HYDRO-LOGICS, Brett Fessell, 3234 Hunters Ridge, Traverse City

n INTERQUILTEN, Tawni Young, 2323 M137, Interlochen

n NAMESTE DAY SPA, Julia Summers, 812 South Garfield Ave., Suite J, Traverse City

n PJ TURNER, Pamela Huskins, 852 Eden St., Kingsley

n PLUMBING WORKS, David Zywicki, 4284 Hearthside Drive, Traverse City

n PRECIOUS MOMENTS, Arial Harell, 4950 Vance Road, Traverse City

n RYDER’S PLASTERING & DRYWALL, Timothy Ryder, 8055 Old M72, Williamsburg

n WOW! TRAVERSE CITY, Richard Lamson, 807 Lake St., Traverse City

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