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November 2, 2012

Editorial: Vote 'yes' for future Division fixes

If you're worried about Division Street — either as one of the most dangerous and dysfunctional streets in the region or that it will be turned into a series of roundabouts — vote "yes" on Traverse City proposal 1 Tuesday.

Voting yes will give the state the go-ahead to come up with plans to make the street safer for drivers and pedestrians alike but will also — and here's the important part — guarantee the city a chance to decide on that plan when it is finally drawn up.

Saying "yes" Tuesday simply says that if the city commission at some future date approves the state plan, the city would be willing to give up some parkland along the west side of Division if it's needed. The strip of land is 30 feet wide and runs from Eighth Street south to 14th Street and includes two corners at 1th Street.

The "option" on the land, if you will, would last 10 years.

The city will work with the state to craft a plan, but if the city commission doesn't like it the city can just say "no."

People who demand specific language right now spelling out changes are simply ignoring the reality that no plan exists, but when there is one later the city can say yes or no. It's not that tough a concept, but some people seem hung up on it — or are using it as a way to be against the plan without being against the plan.

We've been waiting to fix Division way too long already. Vote "yes" to at least get the process started.

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