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June 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/14/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Teacher morale low

I am very upset with the Traverse City Area Public Schools administration and board. Teacher morale is extremely low. They have been treated badly in the name of funding. Schools have been closed in the name of funding and then re-opened as boutique schools.

I have grandchildren in school. The quality of teachers is of primary importance. TCAPS will not retain or attract good teachers with its present attitude. In 10 years we will not have teachers if the profession is so little valued.

I cannot support any bond issue until there is a fair contract with teachers.

Marilyn Minster

Traverse City

2nd Amendment

Mr. McDonalds’ March 3 letter indicates his perception that the Constitution is askew. The U.S. Supreme Court, that single entity, affirmed the Second Amendment as correct, thereby we have a right to own firearms (all kinds).

I would like to turn the attention to the law; when a person uses a firearm to commit a crime we enhance the sentence. When an assault takes place with a firearm it becomes a felony. We put people in jail for murder, attempted murder and assault with a firearm every day.

These new regulations will do absolutely nothing to stop these crimes much like the felony firearm law that was passed a few years back. It didn’t stop gun violence, didn’t even slow it down. Chicago, the city with the strictest gun control laws on the books, is the murder capital.

Michigan has seen a reduction of violent gun crimes in recent years.

Ron Hodgins

Traverse City

Hurts many families

Debbie Elliot was right on. I moved from downstate 33 years ago. Still go back and forth. It gets easier and easier to tell how close you are to either place by gas prices. Glad to see I’m not the only one who sees things this way. Rubbing salt in the wound with oil subsidies is insane. If you watch the ads on TV, you’d think these companies have somehow become our best friends. Please.

I received a call with someone taking a survey, asking if I’ve seen any of these ads, and has it changed how I think or feel about oil companies. Wasn’t rude to the woman, but I definitely told her exactly what I thought. I could “hear” the grin in her voice as she continued on with the questions.

A few ads can’t erase or disguise ‘greed.’ It shows through at the pump and continues to hurt many, many families as well as those of us who are older.

Mary Owens

Traverse City

Expect more balance

The June 2 Record-Eagle front page story about the Leelanau County Commissioner implied something improper or in conflict with collecting taxpayer-paid salary and benefits for serving as a commissioner while politically being for small government.

The article went on to list the commissioner’s compensation total for 13 years, with no comparison to what other commissioners are paid, or the more comparable annual amounts. In actuality, this commissioner was paid similar to other commissioners regardless of their political standing (including Grand Traverse County’s).

It is improper for a newspaper to deride an elected official of one political position simply for collecting their approved, standard compensation for their office. Should only proponents of one political position be allowed to run for office? Should only proponents of one political position be compensated for their elected service?

This commissioner’s political viewpoints are well known, and she has been elected and re-elected by her constituents based upon her viewpoints and actions. Whether you agree or disagree with her political position, she should not be criticized for simply collecting the compensation she is due for being elected to the position. I expected more balanced reporting from a “news” article.

Tony Ansorge

Traverse City