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July 4, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/04/2014

Outstanding VA care

The deluge of negative condemnation against Veterans Administration healthcare facilities does not reflect the VA care I have experienced. The VA clinic in Gaylord is an outstanding healthcare facility. I have personally received excellent service and have observed other vets receiving the same. The staff is unendingly caring, patient and efficient. I have observed World War II and Vietnam vets come into the facility with less than even a low level of civility. It does not matter the mood or character of any vet who visits this clinic, the level of care is the same, especially the patience.

Whenever I have had health issues they have been attended to on an immediate basis. The staff at this VA clinic deserves public praise. They should not be lumped in with the current spate of criticism directed at many other VA facilities.

Liane Nusse


Restrict ‘open carry’

Your headline article on Sunday, June 29. points up the lunacy of our laws in the state of Michigan.

Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to allow people to openly carry loaded guns in schools?

We restrict the places where you can carry an open bottle of beer, why can’t we restrict the places you can openly carry a gun?

When will our elected representatives take seriously the need to keep our children safe and to pass responsible legislation to restrict the “open carry” laws of our state?

The Rev.John E. Harnish


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