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June 20, 2014

Building Permits: 06/20/2014

n John McSauby, 158 S. E. Silver Lake Road, Blair Township, new home, $179,024

n S. Densmore and M. Godisak, 1717 US 31 N., East Bay Township, deck, $582

n Michael and Korin Drilling, 5548 Pumpanickel Road, East Bay Township, residential addition, $60,343

n Shaun Gober, 3500 Lone Lookout Road, East Bay Township, new home, $247,307

n Patrick and Kathy Nemshick, 100 Cross Country Trail, East Bay Township, pole building, $32,800

n Uriah and Carrie Petersen, 3200 Five Mile Road, East Bay Township, new home, $108,138

n Brian Braden, 4220 Shady Grove Ave., Green Lake Township, residential addition, $6,266

n Donna Steinebach, 7906 Schell Road, Green Lake Township, demolish fire damaged dwelling, no cost listed

n GT Regional Land Conservancy, 8195 Timbers Trail, Long Lake Township, demolish garage, outhouse, shed, cabin, no cost listed

n SC Realty Partners, 4584 (4588) Kodiak Drive, Long Lake Township, duplex, $300,861

n Jane Morse, 2811 Woodqueen Trail, Paradise Township, new home, $163,269

n Jeff Elliott, 18811 Whispering Trail, Peninsula Township, new home, $94,279

n Tracy Andrews and Michael Grant, 619 Webster St., Traverse City, residential addition, no cost listed; demolish rear portion of home, no cost listed

n Credit Union One, 1407 S. Division St., Traverse City, demolish vacant restaurant, no cost listed

n Barbara Beauregard, 412 Wadsworth St., Traverse City, residential remodel, $5,000

n Creekside Medical Properties, 1225 W. Front St., Traverse City, commercial remodel, $80,000

n Garett Mason, 723 Seventh St., Traverse City, residential addition, $11,027

n Munson Medical Center, 217 S. Madison St., Traverse City, foundation for commercial building, $4,161,335

n Red Ginger, 237 E. Front St., Traverse City, structural column repair, $25,000

n Rogers Tool Works Inc., 2879 Aero Park Drive, Traverse City, foundation for colling tower, $6,200

n Todd Stone, 704 Webster St., Traverse City, addition to detached garage, $7,455

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