Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/11/2013


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Smashed packages

Another Christmas and another year of smashed packages from the post office.

Is it a wonder why the post office is losing money to FedEx or UPS? My small package is bent and smashed and looks like it was on the bottom of all the other packages in the truck.

The book I ordered on Dec. 17 was in the Allen Park post office on the 24th (four hour drive to Interlochen) then went to Cincinnati and maybe will be in Interlochen Dec. 29.

I've never had anything broken when it was shipped through FedEx or UPS. Maybe they can teach the U.S. Post Office employees how to load a truck and deliver mail in a timely manner, or go out of business.

Carol Winkler


Who wants ignorance

County commissioners refused to fund basic health care for low-income women because the commissioners oppose abortions, Record-Eagle, Dec. 29. Yet the organization in question, regional Planned Parenthood, does not do abortions, as the article indicated.

Wow! So much for expecting our county representatives to make decisions based on accurate information and not personal bias.

The county commissioners' decision promotes poor health for our area's women in need. The decision increases costs for all of us as we take up the slack in emergency rooms and provide safety nets for families that did not want to increase in size.

The commissioners (or those cited) are wrong on more than one count. They are wrong about the origins of Planned Parenthood, which was started to provide information and contraception for women and their families to be able to decide if and when to bear children. Margaret Sanger fought to make contraceptive use legal in the U.S. Young women and their male partners might take notice. Contraception may soon become illegal again or simply inaccessible to those without funds.

Do I want such ignorance in my county government? Of course not. Who does?

Bonnie Spanier

Traverse City

We are what we learn

We started towards the fiscal cliff 100 years ago with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and went over when we took God, prayer and the Bible out of the public schools.

Teach truth, discipline, organization, technology, accountability, transparency and the importance of work ethic.

Teach why term limits in government are good, and unions, monopolies and money in politics results in oligarchy.

Teach that to take care of your neighbor — golden rule — is good. Amateur athletics teaches that most people want to be the best; they just need motivation and direction.

Bring the soldiers home and put them on the borders.

Forget global economics, the U.N., and take care of our problems. Waste and fraud in hospitals, pharmaceutical, insurance companies and big government are bad.

Get rid of all tax loopholes and impose a flat income tax on everyone.

Everyone pays $100 income tax to live in the U.S.

Teach tort reform, tax reform, a balanced budget and freedom of choice in all areas without government assistance and Biblical family values.

We are what we learn.

Jack Taylor


Join the Army

Wake up people, the only thing assault weapons are made to be used for are to kill humans and a lot of them at once. If you want an assault weapon join the Army or Marines; they will give you one and show you how to use it properly.

I really pity the police and other first responders who have to go after someone armed only with a hand gun.

More bad things will happen like Newtown and Columbine as long as assault weapons are out there.

The only people who need them are the armed forces, period.

Ernest Wawrowicz