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December 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/06/2013

Doesn’t make sense

In a recent letter to the editor an oil and gas industry spokesman argued that all is well with the responsible oil and gas development in the United States and that those of us who ideologically oppose hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling are irrationally spreading misinformation.

When I first learned of “fracking,” my trustworthy intuitions told me to learn more about this extraction process, as it relates to larger societal issues and especially as it relates to human and other-than-human health. Ultimately this issue to me is one of our capitalist economy disregarding the needs of all life for clean water, clean air, intact ecosystems and right relationships with each other and Earth.

More specifically, I cannot make rational sense of permanently removing from the hydrological cycle the amount of water in seven to eight Olympic-size swimming pools per frack. The water on this planet is all we have.

Fracking is making lots of money for a few and keeping food on the tables of many … and I am glad that it has us talking about other necessities of life as well.

Laura Franseen

Suttons Bay

Victims were helpless

A recent letter writer naively states universal background checks would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable. Criminals ignore laws and the mentally unstable can be cunning enough to get around such checks, assuming they have been adjudicated a danger to themselves or others in the first place.

However, the thrust of the letter seems to be that a good guy with a gun is more dangerous to potential victims than a bad guy with a gun. The writer fails to explain how Aurora or Newtown could have been worse. The only good guys with guns were police, and they got there too late.

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