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April 4, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/04/2014

Flood plain could grow

The articles in the March 24 Record-Eagle about flood insurance hikes for those living in a flood plain shows what will happen to Traverse City residents if the Boardman dams are taken out.

Taking the dams out will make the flood plain bigger in the city which will make people buy flood insurance to stay in their homes. The articles say flood insurance costs can go up from hundreds to tens of thousand dollars a year, forcing people to leave their homes.

I’ve asked the dam removal project for the new flood plain after the dams are gone so residents would know if their rates would jump. After a year and bringing suit to get the new flood plain information, it has not been provided. This makes me feel they are not candid and have not calculated it.

As it now stands, the dams are being taken out without a full disclosure of the impact and costs. To be responsible to the residents the dam removal must stop until the new flood plain is calculated and the impacts and costs are known. This is the transparency and responsible actions residents of Traverse City need to not get bamboozled.

Steve Sobkowski

Old Mission

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