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November 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/22/2013

Best for the people

I just saw a Benishek ad funded by Americans for Prosperity. Everyone supports prosperity, right? Beware. After research, Americans for Prosperity is funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers, indirectly. See articles in Forbes Magazine and National Journal. Are we going to let a group based in Virginia and funded by billionaires decide who will be our Congressman? I will not vote for Benishek, who answered a question, “The Republican position on this is …”

I want someone who will stand up and do what is best for the people, not the party. I will support Jerry Cannon.

Jacqueline S. Thiel

Elk Rapids

Once a year not enough

A veteran is someone who gives not only of their time. They suffer unbearable weather, march miles loaded with gear and face terrifying situations. Those who haven’t served cannot begin to relate to the sound of bullets zipping past their heads, nor fathom the fear felt when enemy forces are closing in. Each moment alive while fighting is a moment added to their lives, just as each moment may be their last. Wherever a veteran has been, there’s freezing cold, soaring heat and relentless rain. Veterans endure more than many will say and if they do talk, it’s with softened voices and tears in their eyes.

Once a year isn’t enough to thank a veteran for what they’ve endured, nor for what they’ve given for our rights and freedoms.

As Veterans Day comes and goes I’m thankful to those who’ve remembered us by offering support, handshakes and “Thank you!” Those two words can mean a world of difference to a veteran, no matter how they felt about their time in hell.

To all veterans and those serving today, “Thank you for your service.” Especially to my fellow Vietnam vets, “Welcome home!”

Bob Welch

Traverse City

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